All league games will be governed by the official basketball rules as adopted by the National Federation of State High School Associations with the exception of the special league rules adopted by High Plains Hoops, which are as follows;


HPH is open to any child who is currently enrolled in 1st-6th grades. Exceptions for younger children are made by the League Director. Children playing interscholastic junior or senior high basketball for a public or private school during HPH’s season are not eligible. 


Age Groups: 

HPH league groups players according to grade enrolled. Historically this best matches levels of coordination and abilities to promote the best experience for all.  The decision on placement of children will be at the descretion of the League Director.


  • Age groups are from 1st to 6th grade (as of September 1) and include two (2)-year groupings.

  • Divisions include: 1st & 2nd (coed), 3rd & 4th Girls, 3rd & 4th Boys , 5th & 6th Girls, 5th & 6th Boys


**Children with special needs are welcome to participate and placement onto teams

will be made in the best interest of the child.  

Number of Players and Teams: 
Teams will be divided into teams with 7,8, 9, or 10 children per team depending on the age group, number of regristrants, and the number of volunteer coaches. 

A team must be fully registered with High Plains Hoops. Waiver/Roster forms must be filled out by each team and turned in before their first game. Any team playing a player not on its roster will forfeit the game. 

Players may only play on one team per season.

Teams must be able to field a team of at least four players to begin a game. If a team fails to have four players on the court at game time, they will be given ten minutes before a forfeit is called. At any time during a game when a team drops below three players due to injury or disqualifications, the game is forfeited.

Teams that field a team with less than four players may fill their squad with other players in order to play the game, but the game will be ruled a forfeit.  All at the League Director's discretion.  


HPH relies on volunteers to coach its teams.  Please consider volunteering to coach or assistant coach your child’s team when registering.  Please note that children of head coaches will receive a $50.00 refund once teams are established. (1 coaching discount per team)

There must be an adult present on the bench at all times. There will be only two coaches allowed on the bench during the game. Only one coach, designated as the “head coach”, will be allowed to stand during the game and address the officials. If coaches argue judgment calls, this may result in a technical foul. Coaches must stay within the regulation 14’ coach’s box located in front of their bench.


We would like to welcome and encourage players from all surrounding areas of Clovis including; Portales, Grady, Melrose, Bovina, Farwell, Texico, Muleshoe.


Team Practices: 

Practices will be limited to one hour, and teams may hold up to two practices per week. Players should be notified by their coach of the first practice time by mid November.  Practice time slots on week-nights will occur between 5pm and 8pm. During late November and December, teams may practice on the Saturdays for one hour between 8 am and 7 pm. 



Regular season games will begin no later than early January and continue until the beginning of March. No games, including playoffs, will be played after March 15, 2020.

All players must have numbers on the back of their jerseys. All numbers must be a combination of digits 5 or lower.

If a team cancels without approval from High Plains Hoops, it will be recorded as a loss and a win for the team that they were scheduled to play. Every attempt will be made to fill the game at that time.


All games will consist of four eight‐minute quarters. The clock will run continuously and stop only during time‐outs during the first three quarters, with a 30 second break at the 4 minute mark (to accommodate minimum playing time substitutions).  The last eight-minute quarter of the game will follow regulation basketball rules.   The clock will stop at all dead balls and whistles.

There will be five minutes between halves.  High Plains Hoops reserves the right to alter times if games should run late with adequate warm‐up time being allowed. 


If a twenty‐point lead occurs, the clock will run continuously including the 4th quarter.

In case of overtime, there will be a 4-minute running clock, with the clock stopping on free throws.  Each team will have one timeout during overtime.  Timeouts from regulation will not carry over.  The second overtime period will be a sudden death format. The first team that scores will be the winner.

Teams will be allowed two time‐outs per half to be used at any time. These timeouts will be for one minute. Teams will be issued one additional time‐out for the overtime period. Previous time outs remaining will not carry over to overtime periods.


Playing Time: 

Every player will play at least 4 minutes in each of the first 3 quarters of all regular season games.  There are no minimum playing time requirements during the 4th quarter / Overtime of games.  There are no minimum playing time requirements during the playoffs.  If a player does not attend at least one practice during the week leading up to games, they are not eligible for their minimum playing time at the discretion of the head coach.  In short, if players do not commit to being at practice they are not guaranteed playing time during the games.

Basketball Sizes:

1st-2nd Grade: 28.5

3rd-4th Grade Boys:  29.5      Girls:  28.5

5th-6th Grade Boys:  29.5      Girls:  28.5

Goal Heights:

1st -2nd graders will shoot on 8’ goals.

3rd-6th grade will shoot on regulation 10’ goals.

Free Throws:

Individual player fouls will be recorded by the book-keeper. 

Team fouls will be recorded.

Shooting fouls will earn 2 (or 3) shots.

Non-shooting fouls will earn the ball out of bounds, unless in the bonus.

For lane purposes, the player closest to the basket may line up below the low block.

1st-2nd will shoot from the furthest hash lane line.

3rd-6th grade will shoot from the regular free throw line. (15’)

3rd-4th grade will be allowed to land on the line during shooting.


1st & 2nd grade may not press in the backcourt. (half-court line)

3rd-6th grade may press full court unless up by 10 points.  If ahead by 10 points, the team may only pick up at half court.


Lane Violations:

1st-2nd grade will have no three‐second lane violation.

3rd-6th grade will have the three-second lane violation.


Practices and games are sometimes cancelled by HPH due to weather or special activities going on at a particular school. Every effort will be made to notify teams, coaches, and parents in the event of any cancellation.



HPH will provide reversible team jerseys once the teams are formed. Players provide their own black shorts, socks, and shoes.



HPH is run by volunteers, except for referees, scorekeepers, and gym supervisors. Volunteers are always needed for coaches and assistant coaches. Potential coaches or assistant coaches are subject to a background check. Training for coaches will be provided by the league director. HPH will notify coaches and assistant coaches when details are known. If you wish to volunteer as a coach or assistant, please contact Brian at 575-760-8786 or check the proper box when registering.


Acts of disrespect or intimidation, while not directed specifically toward opposing players, coaches or officials, are still considered unsportsmanlike and could result in a technical foul or an ejection. High Plains Hoops encourages its coaches and parents to act professionally at all times.

It is mandatory as a matter of sportsmanship, that all teams will shake hands at the end of each game. 

A technical foul policy and crowd warning policy will be enforced for coaches, players, and spectators. 


If, in the opinion of High Plains Hoops officials, unsportsmanlike behavior from the coaches, players, parents, or fans has put the game out of control, the offending team will forfeit the game. This could result in suspension from the league. 

In the event that coaches, parents or fans become unruly during a game;  the game officials and league supervisors reserve the right to remove that coach, parent or fan WITHOUT WARNING.  If that individual does not leave the gym within one minute, the game will be forfeited and that team will earn the loss.   The coach, parent or fan that is found responsible for the disruption will be required to sit out for one additional game.  Should a second incident occur, that person will not be allowed to participate in any future High Plains Hoops events.

Any coach ejected from a game will be suspended from the next scheduled game or longer.  This includes tournaments, and if the game is the last game of the season, the suspension will be for the first game in the next season that the said coach participates.  A suspended coach shall have no contact with his/her team for the entire duration of the game in which he/she is suspended.  Furthermore, a coach that is ejected from a game twice during the same season will be suspended from coaching for an indefinite period of time.